Mitsubishi EcoCore AP High Wall Heat Pump (MSZ-AP50)

About this Heat Pump


ModelHeating CapacityCooling CapacityCOP (Heat)EER (Cool)Room Size
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP25VGKD Heat Pump3.2 kW2.5 kW4.785.00Suits a small room
Mitsubishi Designer Series EF50 (MSZ-EF50VEW)5.8 kW5.0 kW3.553.11Suits a large room
Mitsubishi EcoCore AP High Wall Heat Pump (MSZ-AP50)6.0 kW5.0 kW3.703.70Suits a large room
ModelHeating CapacityCooling CapacityCOP (Heat)EER (Cool)Room Size

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