Which Heat Pump System is Best – High Wall vs Floor Console

Which Heat Pump System is Best – High Wall vs Floor Console

For decades high-wall heat pumps have dominated the market in New Zealand. But as manufacturers continue to innovate, there are now more options to choose from.

The two most popular options are installing on an internal wall, near the ceiling (high wall), or in some spare space on the floor (floor console).

Which one is best for your home? Let’s have a look.

High Wall (Hi-Wall):

High wall heat pumps have dominated in recent decades as they can be cheaper to purchase, easy to install and do not clutter your floor space.

Benefits of a High Wall Heat Pump:

  • High wall heat pumps are capable of heating and cooling greater extremes in temperature
  • Can provide cooling more efficiently than floor mounted systems
  • Are sometimes more cost effective for heating
  • They provide excellent levels of performance
  • Are very quiet

Considerations for installing a High Wall Heat Pump:

  • Do you have enough space on your walls for a heat pump? Some houses have floor to ceiling windows which can make if difficult to install a high wall unit….

You can read the full comparison here 

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