Natural Gas Heat Pump

Natural Gas Heat Pump

This unit operating in its heating cycle gives an annual heating efficiency of 126% AFUE. This efficiency is over 100% due to the fact that it moves the heat from the outdoors to the indoors. With the engine being liquid cooled, the unit captures the heat from the coolant and adds this heat to warm your home. Thus it is able to give 26% more heat than the energy that it consume.
Since this equipment is a heat pump, it runs during the cooling season to provide you with air conditioning and dehumidification. During the summer months, the unit moves heat from the air inside your home to the outdoors to make you comfortable. While operating in the cooling mode, it operates at a SEER of 15.6. This efficiency equals or surpasses the top of the line electric air conditioners.


A natural gas heat pump can operate over a very broad range of load requirements since it is a variable speed unit. When your home requires much heat on a cold February day, the unit runs at its higher engine speeds. On an October day, when your heating load is light, the unit can run at its idle speed for the most efficient operation.


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