How Do I Know If My Heat Pump Is Covered By The Warm Dunedin Programme

How Do I Know If My Heat Pump Is Covered By The Warm Dunedin Programme

The winter months can be especially cold in Dunedin, many turn to heating options to stay warm. However, in a city with relatively old houses with little to no insulation or heating, health and comfortability can suffer. 

Having a heat pump in Dunedin homes is an excellent way to heat a house. However, these appliances can be costly to install.

The Warm Dunedin programme has assisted more than 1600 households to increase household warmth, health and comfort by providing a rates advance to help with the upfront costs of installing insulation and/or approved heating.

What is the Warm Dunedin Programme?

The Warm Dunedin Programme is a city-wide initiative to make Dunedin a warmer, more liveable place. It was launched in 2013 in response to the findings of the Dunedin Energy Efficiency Taskforce, which identified a need to improve the energy efficiency of Dunedin’s homes and buildings.

The Warm Dunedin Programme is a home insulation and heating initiative that offers free home insulation and heating assessments for eligible households in the Dunedin City Council area. 

The programme is jointly funded by the Dunedin City Council and the New Zealand Government and is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The programme is designed to help householders in the Dunedin City Council area insulate and heat their homes more effectively and reduce their energy bills. 

The programme offers free home insulation and heating assessments, and also provides a subsidy towards the cost of insulation and heating upgrades.

What types of heat pumps are eligible for the heater grant?

There are three types of heat pumps that are eligible for the Warm Dunedin Programme: ducted, high-wall and floor units.

Ducted heat pumps are the most efficient type of heat pump, as they distribute heat evenly throughout the home. They are also the most expensive type of heat pump.

High-wall heat pumps are less expensive than ducted heat pumps but are not as efficient. They are best suited for homes with limited space.

Floor heat pumps are the least expensive type of heat pump but are also the least efficient. They are best suited for homes with large open spaces.

How do I know if my heat pump is covered by the Warm Dunedin Programme?

To be eligible for the Warm Dunedin targeted rate, you must:

  • be the legal owner(s) and ratepayer(s) of the property (including landlords).
  • The property must be located within the Dunedin city boundary and have been built before – the year 2000 or before 1 January 2008 if the owner/ratepayer is eligible for EECA warmer kiwi homes funding.
  • be up-to-date with your rates payments and have a good rates payment history
  • agree to pay all your rates by direct debit on an agreed basis (ideally monthly, fortnightly or weekly) for the period of the targeted rate (10 years)
  • provide a quote for approved insulation and heating from your DCC registered service provider
  • with your service provider, correctly fill in the required areas of all forms and meet all the requirements of the Warm Dunedin programme.
  • not have a current or had a previous warm Dunedin targeted rate advance on the property.

How do I get my heat pump covered by the Warm Dunedin Programme?

Find out if you are eligible for a grant for a heater and/or home insulation, and connect with a service provider for a no-obligation quote. Please be advised due to high demand in some areas it may take up to four months for your insulation and/or heating to be installed.

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